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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes provided by MOSAIC are hugely successful all across the country. The secret to MOSAIC CPD is its uncomplicated format, enabling Educators to refresh and up-skill in specific areas of pedagogical practice.

A tried and tested MOSAIC delivery model adopts a practical, jargon free approach with high levels of transferrable learning to practice outcomes. In everyday terms, when time is precious and tasks are high, this is what Educators need from CPD!

MOSAIC programmes are underpinned by the principles and objectives of early childhood quality and regulatory frameworks – however, they are delivered in an accessible, common sense style that enables Educators to make real and sustainable changes and improvements to everyday practice.

We offer practical explanations and tools that will streamline your work and provide clarity where confusion and overthinking may have taken over!

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Interactions and Relationships with the Under 3's
Quality can be defined as an 'environment of relationships' where the consistency of interactions and attachments are the first, middle and end point of early childhood learning and care’. The quality and stability of a child’s relationships in early childhood lay the foundation for intellectual, social, emotional, physical and moral development. 'Interactions and Relationships for the under 3’s' is a practical programme that puts the spotlight on the importance of engagement and interaction strategies with very young children. The programme includes 4 components that will support educators to understand how interactions and relationships underpin quality early childhood practice. The main component of the programme explores a variety of practical everday interaction strategies and techniques for the professional educator.  The programme contains 2 self reflective excercises to enable the educator to reflect on their own practice.  The Resource Document section contains useful handouts and information blogs.   

03 Hours

'Seeing Voices' Engaging Children's Participation Rights & Voice in Early Ed.
Participation is a deliberate process put into place to give children the opportunity to express their views, influence decision making and achieve change. Participation is underpinned by a child rights approach. The ‘Seeing Voices’ programme will give educators a sound framework from which to understand participation in the context of early childhood education and care.  A range of practical strategies and activities for engaging children and including them in decision making processes in the early childhood setting are included.  The Resource Documents section contains printable handouts to support the programme content and a Certificate of Participation is saved to the educator profile on completion.  

02 Hours

Loose Parts Play ... for babies, pre-school and school age children
Loose Parts are any open-ended materials that you can give to children that have no directions or instructions. With no prescribed method of play or end product, items can be used entirely at the discretion of the child. Loose parts play is a valuable contributor to an emergent curriculum approach. The 'Loose Parts Play' programme contains lots of practical and visual inspiration to make loose parts play a significant component of an emergent curriculum for the under 3’s, preschool and school age children.  The Resource Documents section contains printable handouts to support the programme content and a Certificate of Participation is saved to the educator profile on completion. IMPORTANT* Before you start - please read 'NOTES FOR THE COURSE'. This contains important information to help you navigate the site if you are undertaking a programme for the first time.   

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MOSAIC is a company that provides a range of time and cost saving solutions for early childhood services. Our products and services include the MOSAIC Educator and Family Apps, specialist research, mentoring and training, online CPD and the development of policies and procedures.

With over twenty five years’ experience in early childhood care and education including management, academic training and development, mentoring, research and policy – we offer an extensive package of supports to assist you to become a high quality service that provides positive experiences for children.

Our Consultants

Avril McMonagle - Lead consultant


Avril has dedicated her working life to early childhood care and education and possesses a diverse skills-set consisting of practical, academic and policy experience and expertise accumulated over the past 20 years. The legacy of her work and being at the forefront of a range of pioneering initiatives to enhance early childhood education locally, regionally and nationally; is well evidenced.

Not least she worked as an Education Officer with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment to develop Aistear, Irelands first early childhood curriculum framework. She worked as Manager of Donegal County Childcare 2008-2018 bringing forth and developing a range of legacy projects and initiatives during that time including Ireland’s first piece of national research into the cost of childcare.

Avril was awarded a State Appointment and served as the nominee of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs on the Council of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment from 2015-18. She holds an MEd from Queens Graduate School of Education and a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies from Queens University Belfast.