Notes for the course


This programme contains 74 slides and Educators should take their time processing information and taking notes. To do this, you can access the programme on a number of occasions before completion. 

A range of downloadable supporting documents are contained in the reference documents section to use during and after participation. Within this programme,  Educators can view 12 practical examples of learning stories about children of different ages. These are presented on both hard copy format and using Mosaic Educator. 

To cater for all learning styles and preferences, some slides have audio, some are visual, some are text only and some have all 3! 

THIS IS A WEB BASED PROGRAMME AND SOUND IS EMBEDDED ON SOME SLIDES. If the sound cuts out on the audio slides- this is for one of two reasons. 1. You are moving through the slides too fast OR your internet strength is fluctuating. If the latter persists, do not complete the programme and retake at a time when your internet is stronger. 

You must complete the multiple choice questions and the feedback form to get your certificate (click on the 'Programme Content' tab and see green button 'Proceed to exam'.(multiple choice'). Once complete, you cannot re-enter the programme.

On completion, a certificate of participation is saved to your personal CPD PROFILE. You can download/print a copy from there. 

Please enjoy!